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Mold Inspection & Insurance Claims

Finding and remediating your mold problem now will save you from expensive repairs, serious health problems, and lost property value in the future.

Mold. It’s one of the most stubborn problems you can face as a Florida homeowner. Mold occurs naturally, so most homes have small amounts in the air and on surfaces. However, if left unchecked, trace amounts of mold can grow into a large problem and cause serious health issues, cost thousands to remove, and lower the value of your home. Mold thrives in moist and humid environments, so if your home has leaky plumbing, poor air circulation and ventilation, or a leaking roof, you could be at risk.

Why Mold Detection Is Critical for Homeowners and Prospective Real Estate Buyers

Mold is not just a cosmetic problem—it can be hazardous to your health and destructive to your property. When exposed to small amounts in the air, you may experience allergic reactions. Severe mold can cause serious health events, such as asthma attacks and long-term respiratory issues. In addition to the potential health hazards it poses, mold also causes significant damage to the surfaces in your home, including hard-to-reach areas, such as behind walls, between floors, and inside closets. It can destroy irreplaceable family heirlooms that you keep in storage. If you don’t address a mold problem quickly and thoroughly, it can even significantly lower your home’s value.

The quicker you can find the mold in your home—as well as the source of the moisture allowing it to grow—the less repairs will cost you. That’s where a professional mold inspection from Precise Home Inspection Services comes in.


How Will a Licensed Mold Assessor from
Precise Home Inspection Services Help?

When one of our Indoor Air Quality Certified Mold Assessors comes to your home or commercial space, you get more than an extra set of eyes and a checklist. You get a complete assessment of your mold problem.

Scheduling a Mold Assessment Inspection from Precise Home Inspection Services is the first step you need to take if you want to determine the severity of your mold problem. We offer inspection and testing services, including on-site testing using moisture meters, hygrometers, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing, thermal imaging, air sampling, as well as surface and bulk sampling. If mold is present, we provide a detailed mold remediation protocol report. After remediation is complete, we perform a mold clearance test to ensure all mold has been removed properly. If you are looking to buy or sell a home or commercial property, don’t let your mold problem grow out of control. Schedule an inspection to protect your health and your property’s value.

Already own the property and need to nip that mold problem in the bud? The longer you wait to test for mold, the more expensive it is going to be to fix.

Mold Pics

Need to file an insurance claim for moisture intrusion but want to get a clear picture of what you’re facing before taking the next step? Precise Home Inspection Services handles that and more!

Where there is moisture, there is mold. Whether you need to file a claim for a roof leak, pipe burst, or wind damage, we are here to assist you! We are here to relieve your stress and guide you and your family accordingly during this time, possibly with no cost to you!

Talk to us today so we can create a plan together and take action! Reach out online or pick up the phone and call us at (305) 805-1990.